Where is Eastlake, CA?

There is a lot of confusion as to where Eastlake, CA is located? And, if it is it’s own city or municipality? 

Well, hopefully, my blog post will help clear up some of the frequently asked questions concerning Eastlake.

Early Developement 

Eastlake or East Chula Vista is a part of the city of Chula Vista, CA. In the early 2000s, major master-planned housing developments began being built out east of the 805 Interstate. 

These master planned communities have been continually expanding east towards Jumul, nearly doubling the population of Chula Vista in the last twenty or so years. 

Regarding the name Eastlake; One of those master planned developments was built out around a small lake as the focal point, hence the name Eastlake

So, basically, the communities east of the 805 Interstate are located in what is referred to as Eastlake. 

That is why when residents of Eastlake are asked where they’re from, you will often hear them say, “Eastlake, or Eastlake Chula Vista.”

As housing prices increased drastically over the years, and when supply was limited, more and more families from other more expensive areas of San Diego & California looking for affordable housing, and getting the most for the value, purchased houses in these new developments. 


The Eastlake developments over the years have greatly increased Chula Vista’s population making the city the second largest in San Diego County. The fourteenth largest city in the State of California, and the 75 largest cities in the United States. 

And with the conintiued growth of the Eastlake area, it is nearly certain that those rankings will be even lower when the recent census taken towards the end of 2020 is finally made public.


Folks living in the Eastlake for the most part have every amenity you could imagine. Major shopping centers with giant box store names, restaurants, and the like are available to folks living in Eastlake.

There are even major hotel chains already established and other moving into Eastlake.

Eastlake also has an Olympic Training Center, US Olympic and Paralympic Training Site, which cover 155 acres of state-of-the-art sports venues.

Basically, if you live in Eastlake you do not have to leave the area as everything you will need is located there.

Commuting To Work

If you are commuting from Eastlake to work in other areas of San Diego, you will find it is very accessible and convenient as the 125 Toll Road will have you to any of the major interstates such as: I-5, I-805, I-15, I-54 or the I-8 in no time at all.


Schools in Eastlake are all modern and rate very well. If your kids are into sports then you will be pleases to know past Little League baseball teams have won and placed a few times in the National Little League World Series.


Crime is pretty low and the area is well kept. If you are into exercising, there are many master planned open spaces designed for walking or running. There are also a bunch of parks available for family gatherings or just a place to toss around a ball with the kids, or get some exercise for the dog.

Hopefully, this blog post provides you with basic knowledge of Eastlake and will make you more aware of the Eastlake Chula Vista, CA community.   

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