Palm Tree Care Tips

Palm trees make your surroundings healthy and they look very elegant be it outdoor or indoor. But it is very important to take good care of them. Just having the palm trees is not enough. Those beautiful palm trees around your home also need some care. You can make sure they stay around you as long as possible if they stay healthy and look as good as possible which is possible with just some basic but consistent care.

If you want to take care of palm trees, it is very beneficial to know what is good or bad for them. Be it the type of soil, grass, fertilizer for them or the right amount of water.

Palms don’t do well in overly wet soil. They grow really well in soil that is consistently moist round the year. If it is overwatered, the fronds will turn yellow. You should water it in a way that the water is evenly distributed around the roots so that the tree grow healthy.

Palms prefer lawn grass which is slightly acidic and has well-draining soil. If you are not sure about the quality of the soil around, you can get a soil test done. The soil test can confirm if your palm tree would benefit from the amendment in the soil structure and or can adjust to soil pH with nutrient availability.

Palm trees are very sensitive for high amount of phosphorus, it makes palm tree unable to use other essential nutrients efficiently. If you want to use fertilizer, it is good to use the one with lower amount of phosphorus.

The leaves of palm tree gives out enough information about the overall health of the tree. Yellow leaves don’t mean you should start getting them prune. If the leaves are yellow or brown, it is a sign that the tree is not getting enough water. It also indicates that the soil has less amount of nutrients like magnesium and nitrogen, and this provides you an indication of what type of nutrient would be required by the fertilizer you would need.

Yellow leaves also mean that there might be some fungal infection in the root or some insects has got access to your tree. All these are curable and a good arborist can suggest or help you with saving your palm tree. There is one important point here, if you see yellow leaves at the bottom of the canopy and the top leaves are all green, then it is just within the growth process of a palm tree as sometimes yellow leaves appear at the bottom during the natural growth.

Brown tips of leaves is a sign of stressed tree, if given right care, it can get back to healthy growth line. But if the leaves are fully brown, then it is better to get them pruned to make the palm tree look and stay healthy for long.

These are some of the tips which can give you a fair idea of a palm tree’s health, but if you think there is something not covered in this blog, you can use our arborist service.

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